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Bladder Pain

If you feel like your pain is in your bladder, there can be a variety of causes.

If you feel pain when you pee, and especially if you are experiencing frequency (peeing too often) and urgency (having to rush to get there in time), a urinary tract infection is possible. Sometimes there is inflammation at the urethra (bladder tube where you pee) without an actual infection. In this case it is called urethritis (without an infection). Urethritis can be caused by anything that irritates the urethra, and should be medically checked out.

If you don’t feel pain when you pee, but you feel like the pain is coming from your bladder – for example, it feels like the area of your bladder, or you feel it worse when your bladder is full, this should also be checked out medically. There are a variety of causes of this. One cause is interstitial cystitis.

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