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Coccydynia (Tailbone Pain)

Pain in the tailbone is a terrible experience. It interferes with sitting and can make activities like working or driving a nightmare. It is common in pregnancy and new mums (and can make breastfeeding incredibly painful), and is also common in those who have had a fall on the bottom and sustained an injury to the tailbone. The fall does not need to have been recent – at Equilibria, we see people who have had a fall many years ago while ice skating, snowboarding or roller blading – or even at school when someone pulled the chair out from under them!

Assessment and treatment of the tailbone is highly specialised, and manual therapy can be extremely effective. At Equilibria, we always start with ‘’external’’ techniques in the region of the sacrum (bottom bone) and coccyx (tailbone).  However, we may need to use ‘’internal’’ techniques (either vaginal or rectal) to fully resolve the problem. Our patients who have had tailbone pain for many years, which resolves within only a few sessions of internal treatment, testify that while a little awkward, this results are worth it!

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