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Fertility Problems

Many books and websites are devoted to this issue,  and quite rightly.

It has a huge impact on couples, and there is a huge range of causes and possible treatments.

Here is a summary of our unique approach at Equilibria:

The key goal is to get your fertility on track by getting your physical health optimal. This makes the approach super-comprehensive:

Nutritional evaluation (and dietary overhaul where necessary!) The new research field of nutrigenomics shows us how critical getting tip-top nutrition is to maximise health
Individualised herbal prescriptions Herbs have long been used with great success to get ''misbehaving cycles'' in order
Specific manual therapy including visceral manipulation To optimise the physical health of your reproductive organs
Especially important with endometriosis and past surgery
Teaching you cycle tracking via scientifically-supported mucus observation and charting (Billings Ovulation Method) Research shows this is highly effective, even in women who have not had success with IVF

We not only support but encourage you to work within the medical framework to get accurate assessment via appropriate investigations.We have the training and experience to communicate effectively with your doctors and medical specialists.

We believe we draw the best from the scientific, manual medicine and naturopathic frameworks.

As far as we know, we are the only clinic providing this unique combination of approaches to maximise your fertility.

The Billings Ovulation Method is also used alone to promote pregnancy, and is available as a separate service at our premises. Find out more here.


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