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This common condition affecting women has these key symptoms:

  • Pelvic and/or abdominal pain (and ovulation pain is common)

  • Pain with sex

  • Painful periods

It may compromise fertility, making it harder to fall pregnant.

Endometriosis is really very common:

  • 21% of women having investigation for fertility problems have it

  • 16% of women with chronic abdominal pain have it.

Endometriosis also overlaps with these conditions, which often cause similar symptoms:

How can we help you?

At Equilibria, we are used to seeing many women with more than one of these conditions (and sometimes all of them). 

Our focus is on alleviating the bothersome symptoms of endometriosis, but also looking at the common underlying processes that have gone wrong in the body to produce these overlapping conditions. This condition is a prime example of where the combination of our approaches is ideal: physical therapies, nutritional therapies, and herbal medicine.

Think you might have endometriosis, and wanting to find out how likely this is?

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