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Proctalgia Fugax

A lot of patients I see who have proctalgia fugax describe it as a feeling of ‘’a red hot poker up the bum’’.  Proctalgia fugax is usually related to a muscle spasm of the muscles in the anus.  It is usually a sharp, strong, sudden pain in the rectum that can come upon you at any time. However, a common time to get it is at night. It is a terrible thing to be woken with a calf or foot cramp at night – imagine being woken instead with an excruciating pain in the rectum! Unfortunately, many people suffer this for a long time without knowing what can be done about it. Mineral imbalances in the body are common in proctalgia fugax. At Equilibria we have a very effective program to assess and treat these imbalances, as well as a number of techniques to relax the muscles of the anus.

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