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Estrogen and your vagina, vulva and bladder


Estrogen…it’s a big player in women’s health, including the vagina and bladder. Beyond its critical roles in brain function and heart health, estrogen keeps your vulva and vagina happy. Specifically, it helps vaginal lubrication, vaginal immune health and bladder and urethral health. Low estrogen can contribute to all kinds of genital problems. There are at [...]

Tour of the Vulva: An Educational Video


A tour of the vulva may sound like a strange concept. But many women (and men) have a few gaps in their knowledge as far as the vulva goes. This video might help. (It's ok if you don't know what the vulva is. It's the area downstairs, the area between your legs. Where your vagina [...]

Anatomy of the vulva – an educational video!


The anatomy of the pelvis and vulva can be confusing. How are you supposed to know when no one even really talks about it? I have created this 5-minute video to help. I give you a bit of a tour through the vulva, using a 3-D model of the pelvis to make it all make [...]

Vaginal thrush issues? Time to ditch the sugar!


Vaginal thrush and sugar…do you really need to cut it out? Thrush loves sugar, Candida loves candy: it’s a piece of naturopathic wisdom. Or is it just folklore? Is there any real evidence for it? Many women who have experienced chronic or recurrent vaginal thrush suspect it: Sugar is not the vagina’s friend. I [...]

Supplements: Can You Trust Them?


Natural medicines and supplements…are they all just forms of snake oil in different coloured (and flavoured!) packages? If you watched the Four Corners special on supplements and the Australian Complementary Medicines Industry, you might think you are being taken for a ride! Here’s a few things to consider if you watched the Four Corners [...]

Autoimmune Disease and Leaky Gut: Nine Big Culprits


Autoimmune disease is exploding: Hashimoto’s, Graves, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Crohn’s…but why? One major factor in the development of autoimmune disease is increased intestinal permeability. Or, in fewer letters: leaky gut. If your gut is a mosquito net, imagine puncturing a few small holes in it: that’s leaky gut. Sounds minor, but as anyone who [...]

The Gray Area of Urinary Tract Infections


The ever-present UTI is anything but boring. In fact, it turns out it's rather a shady character. My last post introduced some of the controversies in diagnosis of urinary tract infections. The fact is, the dipsticks used may not be sensitive enough, as the cut-offs were originally based on a small group of women with [...]

Annoying Abdominal Adhesions: Start Here


Abdominal Adhesions: when pain after surgery persists and a technique to resolve it You’ve had abdominal surgery. Now you’ve got persistent abdominal pain. Not the result you were after. Well, don’t look back now – most likely, you had to have the surgery – it was the best or only choice available to you. [...]

An Interview with Alyssa Tait – Adhesions, Chronic Pain, and the Nervous System


It's not often someone gives me the floor for 45 minutes to talk about the web of connections linking adhesions, pain, visceral manipulation, the gut and the nervous system... Stephen Anderson's questions were so thought-provoking, I just kept talking! Here's the interview: Alyssa Tait on Pelvic Pain, Adhesions, and SIBO This interview will either [...]