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Avoiding Muscle Soreness of Olympic Proportions


Inspiring watching the best athletes in the world, isn’t it? It makes you participate in your chosen physical pursuit with just that bit more enthusiasm…until you wake up the next morning and every movement is agony, and you realise you overdid it. You’ve got DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). So is it just a [...]

Hidden Infection: When Your UTI Isn’t A UTI


Can you be sure that your bladder, urethral or vaginal symptoms are not due to infection? When is a urinary tract infection (UTI) not a UTI and when is it? It’s harder to be sure when the tests for infection are fraught with such shortcomings. Make sure you've read my blog posts on why [...]

Best Ways to Help a Tampon Go In Step 10


Time to fix the issue once and for all! I hope you have been following this series about solutions for the problem of being unable to put a tampon in. If not, head straight back to the start to not miss a thing! I have devoted 9 individual blog posts to different tips to [...]

Gut Memories: A Cause of Pelvic Pain and IBS


Chronic pain in the pelvis and abdomen is a huge mystery that may have a lot to do with gut memories. Depending on what specialist you see, and what tests are done, it might be given the name “chronic pelvic pain”, “irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)”, “painful bladder syndrome” or “functional abdominal pain”, to name [...]

Best Ways to Help a Tampon Go In Step 9


Tampon Trouble: Use Vaginal Trainers or Dilators Well done for getting this far in the series about making using a tampon easier! If you have missed any of the episodes on this channel, start here at the first post and work your way through. If you are still having troubles, it may be worth changing [...]

Calcium in the Vegan Diet: The Vegan Calci-culator


Vegan and so you don’t eat dairy? Is this cause for calcium hysteria? Absolutely not. Eating a variety of plant foods that are a rich source of calcium is a perfectly acceptable way to meet your needs! You’ve probably seen lists of vegetable calcium sources before. While these lists are helpful, it can sometimes [...]

The Alien Concept of Vaginal Dilators Part 2


How to Get Used to the Idea of Vaginal Dilators Last post I talked about the concept of vaginal dilators. Dilators are often a secret to success in resolving vaginismus and painful sex. (Not everyone, though - so check that your health professional knows what they're doing if they suggest it for you.) I [...]

Best Ways to Help A Tampon Go In Step 7


Use Your Finger The idea of putting your finger inside the vagina may not be very appealing. Maybe even worse than a tampon. But before you skip this blog post in disgust, just hear me out. You've been having trouble putting in a tampon, despite getting familiar with the landscape down there, trying different [...]

When was the last time you felt exhilarated?


This morning? OK, this post is not for you... it's the rest of you, which would have included me at one point. There's lots of talk about stress. Plenty about depression and anxiety. But far less about positive human experiences. That's why I want to talk about exhilaration today. Exhilaration is a hard feeling to [...]