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Pelvic Health: What Can You Lose to Gain It Back?


Why The First Step to Recovery Can Be Losing Something You’ve got an annoying pelvic condition. It might be incontinence, prolapse, vaginismus, thrush, constipation. It might seem a strange hypothetical question to ask: what can you lose first in order to recover your pelvic health? But if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. [...]

Can You Have Sex With A Prolapse?


The word prolapse, for many women, conjures up terrifying images of their internal organs falling out. And the thought of having sex with a prolapse can seem inconceivable. Can sex and prolapse go together? While severe prolapse can involve the involved organ coming quite a distance out of the vagina, most cases of prolapse [...]

Chronic Thrush, Painful Sex and Vulvodynia


When The Likely Suspect Is The Culprit! Getting an accurate diagnosis of vulvodynia is usually a long and difficult process. You have had burning and stinging pain with sex, you have seen doctor after doctor, and they have put it down to chronic thrush and given you creams and tablets galore, all to no avail. [...]

No, You Can’t Get It All From Food: Six Reasons Why


“I don’t need supplements; I prefer to get it from food” Ever heard anyone say that? Maybe you say it yourself! I hear it every day. I’m sorry to say, I just don’t buy it! That’s right: for optimal health, I think we need specific supplements. There are six main reasons why, which I’ll tackle [...]

MTHFR and Migraine: A Royal Pain in the Head


The MTHFR gene mutation gets a lot of bad press. Its role in cardiovascular disease susceptibility is undisputed, and a long, long list of chronic diseases is related to its unlucky presence in your gene pool. I’m afraid this post will be yet further bad press for the not-so-innocent MTHFR. But this time it's about [...]

Chronic Pain is Complex – But Can Be As Easy As ABC


Chronic pain is not easy to live with. And it’s no more easy for researchers to fully understand. It’s also not easy for clinicians working with people living with chronic pain. A clinician who thinks there’s a simple solution is not likely to be the best one to help you! That aside, let’s not forget [...]

Epigenetics and Pain


Epigenetics! Everyone’s talking about the interaction of our genes with the environment, and how it affects our health. The power to change the future – and the present, for that matter! – is in our hands. Epigenetics and pain go together just like epigenetics and all other health issues. We know genes influence our susceptibility [...]

Vaginal Amnesia: New Mums, Don’t Succumb!


It’s a situation I see regularly in my clinic: new mums with vaginal amnesia.Let me explain vaginal amnesia.Vaginas are sensitive creatures.It’s an obvious statement, but it’s worth stating the obvious. They are easily overwhelmed by stress, tension and pain. New mums usually have a fair bit of all three going on. The pain of the [...]

Urinary Tract Infections: Not As Simple As You Think!


Are urinary tract infections really that straightforward? For a long time, urinary tract infections have been treated as though they are simple, garden-variety ailment that is straightforward to treat. This seems to be the attitude of both the doctors treating them and many of the women suffering from them: oh well, another UTI, better [...]

Pain With Sex: The Secret to Conquering It


The One Absolute “Must-Have” For Pain With Sex in Vulvodynia and Vaginismus I see dozens of women in my clinic every month who have pain with sex. Some of them have been diagnosed with vaginismus. Some have been diagnosed with vulvodynia, but have vaginismus as well. Some have been diagnosed with vaginismus, but their [...]