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With Alyssa’s clinical background in private practice and years of research and training in functional nutrition, she’s here to help! More and more manual therapists are hungry for evidence based information about nutrients, the gut microbiome, environmental chemicals and health. They want to incorporate functional medicine or “root cause” principles into their practice for improved client outcome.

Courses re-launching in 2019 and MORE courses under development! Watch this Space! 

Alyssa has gone and done all the research for us and is now summarising it – you actually cannot get better than that! Understanding the in depth details of the processes of the body and why nutrition is important to our clients will completely change your clinical outlook.

Cherelle, Physiotherapist

I would highly recommend it if you are not confident in prescribing supplements for musculoskeletal conditions to optimise your patient’s outcomes.

Arun, Osteopath

The course has enhanced my understanding and improved my ability to recognise when nutrition needs to be addressed in order for someone to fully recover from their muskuloskeletal complaints.

Rachel, Physiotherapist & Pilates Instructor

If you are treating pelvic pain or using pessaries, this course is highly relevant and you’ll never regret it!

Danielle, Physiotherapist

It clarified the importance and relevance of the vaginal microbiome to many of the conditions I treat. It gave me some confidence to start integrating my new knowledge of the vaginal microbiome into my clinical practice. Should be compulsory learning for all pelvic health physios!

Kate, Physiotherapist

I had many ‘a-ha’ moments!

This is a fantastic course if you have little or no knowledge of the vagina microbiome. It is straightforward, evidence based and Alyssa is approachable and knowledgeable beyond belief!!

Fiona, Physiotherapist

I’ve just had an 87 yr old have pH from 6.5 to 5 in 10 days with [the treatment taught in the course]! Has made a huge difference to her OAB symptoms so thanks a million!

Emma, Physiotherapist

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