Mentoring for Health Professionals with Alyssa Tait 

Ever feel the need for a PURGE in clinic? 

No, not a bowel purge. More like a PURGE of your problems – a PURGE of that feeling of overwhelm and indecision from a caseload of difficult patients with ever-trickier problems. 

Welcome to PURGE Mentoring. That is mentoring for:

  • Pelvic pain
  • Urogenital
  • Reproductive
  • Gut
  • Everything

Does this sound like your caseload? 

Let’s run through it: 

P is for Pelvic pain. We all know how tough this is. Endometriosis, vulvodynia, pudendal neuralgia, adhesion – and that’s only the stuff we know about. Then there’s the mysterious persistent pelvic pain where anything concrete has been ruled out. You’ve got tools in your toolbox, but they are not enough. Insights from the patient’s pathology testing can help direct your treatment and save your patient prolonged suffering. The superpowered Pelvic Pain Tracker will informs you and your patient of how any intervention is going – whether physical, pharmacological or complementary – and alerts you of when to change direction to save you and your patient valuable time.   

Urogenital. There’s a universe of problems that are experienced that seem to relate to the bladder, urethra, vagina, anus. How do you truly know what contribution is dysbiosis, immune dysregulation, mucosa, muscular, connective tissue, scar, neurological, visceral? 

Reproductive. From period pandemonium to perimenopause, if we can’t help the handling of hormone havoc, we are just accompanying our patients as they swim upstream.  

Gut. How do you even begin to scratch the surface of the glacier that is the gut – where 95% of what you think you’re seeing is actually under the surface? You don’t need to get it all. All you need to understand is “just enough”! Just enough about how to assess it, what interventions to start with, and how to use a super-powered Bowel Diary to take the guesswork out of whether your interventions are working.  

Everything. This is only half tongue-in-cheek. We all have those patients who walk in, sit down and start talking and all we can think is OMG THEY’VE GOT EVERYTHING! What do they need most? How will we get there? WHERE DO I START?! 

You start with PURGE mentoring with Alyssa Tait, integrative nutritionist, naturopath and pelvic physio of almost 23 years’ experience. It’s not just about the breadth of knowledge and experience with combining many different modalities with difficult patients in private practice – it’s about the know-how with managing your session, your day, your caseload and your work-life balance. 

No laborious preparation involved. Bring a case or just a curious brain. Delve into evidence, debate pros and cons of treatment philosophies or just have a frank chat that gets to the point. Just book your time, check in, and start firing questions and deepening your understanding until the time’s up. Book one session a year or one session a week – the choice is yours. This is mentoring designed to make your clinic day easier and to increase your job satisfaction! 

PURGE the worry from your brain, PURGE the struggle from your caseload and get clarity! 

Mentoring (cases, more involved questions) -30 min

Mini-Mentoring (no cases, questions only) – 15 min

Mentoring Sessions are run via Zoom. 


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