When was the last time you felt exhilarated?


This morning? OK, this post is not for you... it's the rest of you, which would have included me at one point. There's lots of talk about stress. Plenty about depression and anxiety. But far less about positive human experiences. That's why I want to talk about exhilaration today. Exhilaration is a hard feeling to [...]

When was the last time you felt exhilarated?2019-08-30T12:43:07+10:00

A Guide to Getting Off the Pill – The Final Step!


So now you’re almost ready to make the decision to get off the Pill and launch yourself into a Pill-free life! Or maybe you're not convinced, and need some more guidelines for making your decision. How do you actually make your decision about which contraception is right for you? I’d like to give you [...]

A Guide to Getting Off the Pill – The Final Step!2020-08-17T12:51:24+10:00

A Roadmap to Choosing Contraception


Choosing Contraception Simplified - At A Glance For a brief explanation of the flow chart on choosing contraception, click here. For a fuller explanation of the theory behind the development of this flow chart, start here.

A Roadmap to Choosing Contraception2020-08-17T12:51:03+10:00

A Guide to Getting Off the Pill (or IUD, or injection, or implant…)


The Pill has its upsides and downsides. Most of us women have been on the Pill at one time or another – 82%, to be precise. But many women have not been satisfied with it. In fact, between 2006 and 2008, one-third of women who had ever used the Pill discontinued it because they [...]

A Guide to Getting Off the Pill (or IUD, or injection, or implant…)2020-08-17T12:48:04+10:00

A Guide to Getting Off the Pill Step 1


Understand what you have been using and how it works When considering whether the pros and cons of continuing with or stopping your current method of chemical contraception, it’s helpful first of all to understand how it works. We’ll consider firstly how they work as contraceptives, then consider the other reasons people might choose [...]

A Guide to Getting Off the Pill Step 12020-08-17T12:45:22+10:00

Getting Off the Pill Step 2


Understand the problems – both the hypothetical and the real In deciding whether to continue with (or change to ) the Pill, or the Mirena, or Implanon, you need to weigh up the pros and cons for you. My last blog post talked about the pros: the possible reasons people use these medications. This [...]

Getting Off the Pill Step 22020-08-17T12:46:06+10:00

Getting Off the Pill Step 3


Consider Your Alternatives You now know you would like to get off chemical contraception, whether it is the Pill, the injection (Depo Provera), the implant (Implanon) or the hormone-secreting IUD (Mirena). You understand how they work and don’t feel happy with what they are doing to your body. Or, you may already have experienced [...]

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Getting Off the Pill Step 4


Prepare by taking your nutrition and your health in hand Are you scared to take the plunge and get off the Pill? There is no need to be! In this post I'll talk about covering your bases to make the transition as smooth as possible. Hopefully be now you have followed the first three [...]

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The Essential Fertility Test Your Doctor Won’t Send You For


Epigenetics: it’s more than a buzzword. When you're thinking about fertility, you need to know about it. It’s the way you can influence your genes. It’s the element of control you have over whether you inherit your mum’s endometriosis or your dad’s bipolar disorder. And when you are planning for a baby, the idea of [...]

The Essential Fertility Test Your Doctor Won’t Send You For2019-07-25T12:20:43+10:00

Do You Understand Your Fertility?


Normal fertility is a key part of good health as a woman. Naturally, the definition of normal fertility changes depending on the stage of life you are in. If you are approaching menopause, then declining fertility is absolutely normal. If, on the other hand, you are a teenager, then normal fertility can take some time [...]

Do You Understand Your Fertility?2019-07-25T12:23:13+10:00


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