Recurrent UTIs…could the problem be in your vagina?


It’s a lament on recurrent UTIs I heard from a friend twenty-five years ago that still echoes in my ears every day, from different patients, if in different words! Recurrent UTIs, or urinary tract infections, are not only painful but emotionally debilitating. Feeling that first sting of pain and knowing that, once again, sex [...]

Recurrent UTIs…could the problem be in your vagina?2021-03-08T08:37:31+10:00

The Gray Area of Urinary Tract Infections


The ever-present UTI is anything but boring. In fact, it turns out it's rather a shady character. My last post introduced some of the controversies in diagnosis of urinary tract infections. The fact is, the dipsticks used may not be sensitive enough, as the cut-offs were originally based on a small group of women [...]

The Gray Area of Urinary Tract Infections2019-07-10T12:09:28+10:00

Hidden Infection: When Your UTI Isn’t A UTI


When is a urinary tract infection (UTI) not a UTI and when is it? It’s harder to be sure when the tests for infection are fraught with such shortcomings. Make sure you've read my blog posts on why dipsticks are so unreliable and the difficulty with urine cultures. Mysterious urethral pain that feels like [...]

Hidden Infection: When Your UTI Isn’t A UTI2020-09-15T06:27:27+10:00

Urinary Tract Infections: Not As Simple As You Think!


Are urinary tract infections really that straightforward? For a long time, urinary tract infections have been treated as though they are simple, garden-variety ailment that is straightforward to treat. This seems to be the attitude of both the doctors treating them and many of the women suffering from them: oh well, another UTI, better [...]

Urinary Tract Infections: Not As Simple As You Think!2019-08-30T13:32:10+10:00

Stinging After Sex


That smarting, chafing stinging after sex…what does it mean? It really has a way of putting a dampener on things when you get stinging and discomfort after sex. After it’s all over, the vaginal entrance feels tender and irritated. It’s often worse when you go to the toilet to do a pee after sex. [...]

Stinging After Sex2020-09-15T06:29:20+10:00


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