Vaginal thrush issues? Time to ditch the sugar!


Thrush loves sugar, Candida loves candy: it’s a piece of naturopathic wisdom. Or is it just folklore? Is there any real evidence for it? Many women who have experienced chronic or recurrent vaginal thrush suspect it: Sugar is not the vagina’s friend. I treat women with ongoing thrush problems all the time, and when [...]

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Supplements: Can You Trust Them?


If you watched the Four Corners special on supplements and the Australian Complementary Medicines Industry, you might think you are being taken for a ride! Here’s a few things to consider if you watched the Four Corners special. The program focused almost entirely on multivitamins and –minerals, which are by definition hardly targeted interventions. [...]

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Autoimmune Disease and Leaky Gut: Nine Big Culprits


One major factor in the development of autoimmune disease is increased intestinal permeability. Or, in fewer letters: leaky gut. If your gut is a mosquito net, imagine puncturing a few small holes in it: that’s leaky gut. Sounds minor, but as anyone who has had a holey mosquito net when camping can attest, it’s [...]

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Avoiding Muscle Soreness of Olympic Proportions


Inspiring watching the best athletes in the world, isn’t it? It makes you participate in your chosen physical pursuit with just that bit more enthusiasm…until you wake up the next morning and every movement is agony, and you realise you overdid it. You’ve got DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). No way. Of course you [...]

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Calcium in the Vegan Diet: The Vegan Calci-culator


Vegan and so you don’t eat dairy? Is this cause for calcium hysteria? Absolutely not. Eating a variety of plant foods that are a rich source of calcium is a perfectly acceptable way to meet your needs! You’ve probably seen lists of vegetable calcium sources before. While these lists are helpful, it can sometimes [...]

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No, You Can’t Get It All From Food: Six Reasons Why


“I don’t need supplements; I prefer to get it from food” Ever heard anyone say that? Maybe you say it yourself! I hear it every day. I’m sorry to say, I just don’t buy it! That’s right: for optimal health, I think we need specific supplements. There are six main reasons why, which I’ll tackle [...]

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MTHFR and Migraine: A Royal Pain in the Head


The MTHFR gene mutation gets a lot of bad press. Its role in cardiovascular disease susceptibility is undisputed, and a long, long list of chronic diseases is related to its unlucky presence in your gene pool. I’m afraid this post will be yet further bad press for the not-so-innocent MTHFR. But this time it's [...]

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Anxiety and MTHFR.. and the Nutrition Solution


Does nutrition have anything to do with mental health? Or is it in your genes? Yes to both. Are anxiety and MTHFR linked? Let me explain. Nutrition is critical for best physical health. More and more people consider seeing a clinical nutritionist to help their body feel at its best. But as for mental health? [...]

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The Yummiest Way to Get Folate


For best fertility and a healthy pregnancy we know we need to be getting enough folate, and for at least 3 months before conception. But how many women are doing this? Only 20% are taking a preconception supplement containing folic acid at the time of falling pregnant. Coeliac disease? You’re even more at risk. [...]

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Do Probiotics Work?


A (Greatly Truncated) Response to the Question of Whether Probiotics are Overrated Probiotics: myth or miracle? It’s the kind of grab-your-attention, oversimplified headline we are used to in the media. But, I was grateful to be asked for my opinion on an article of this name: Probiotics: myth or miracle? So here is the quick [...]

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