Lichen Sclerosus and painful sex: how physio helps


Lichen Sclerosus and painful sex: how physio helps Lichen sclerosus can be a scary diagnosis. Sex has been painful for a while, but then you get this diagnosis and start Dr Googling. That then brings on a panic when you read all the stories of women who seem to still be struggling. What can you [...]

Lichen Sclerosus and painful sex: how physio helps2023-05-24T08:54:33+10:00

Nutrition and Tendinopathy: Is Your Diet “Inflamm-ageing” Your Tendons?


Worn out and ready for a trade-in…where’s the spare parts bin? That’s how you feel when you’ve got a chronic musculoskeletal issue like tendinopathy. Maybe you’re an over-sixty wishing your body would hold up as strong as your mind. Maybe you’ve just hit forty and living proof of that cliché that the body starts to fall [...]

Nutrition and Tendinopathy: Is Your Diet “Inflamm-ageing” Your Tendons?2021-07-14T20:46:11+10:00

Damaged to Transformed: how to love your body after birth trauma


Birth trauma: this is what it’s called when a woman suffers distress with a difficult birth associated with pain, sorrow or loss, leaving her vulnerable to long-term psychological effects. How to love your body after birth trauma is probably the last thing on your mind at this point. Seeking psychological care and support is [...]

Damaged to Transformed: how to love your body after birth trauma2021-03-08T08:37:29+10:00

Therapeutic Touch After Traumatic Birth


Traumatic birth can affect you both mentally and physically. The physical aspects of traumatic birth are varied, and include painful stitches, perineal swelling, wound infection, and loss of bladder or bowel control or prolapse of your internal organs (both of which can be immediate, or not show up until later). Later, when you try [...]

Therapeutic Touch After Traumatic Birth2021-03-08T08:37:29+10:00

Traumatic birth: A Cataclysm


A traumatic birth can be cataclysmic. To describe a traumatic birth as a cataclysm may sound overly dramatic to some, but in reality it is deadly accurate. A cataclysm is an event that causes significant destruction or a sudden, violent change, and a traumatic birth matches both of these definitions. There are many forms [...]

Traumatic birth: A Cataclysm2021-03-08T08:37:29+10:00

Pudendal Neuralgia Panic


If there’s one thing I know about pudendal neuralgia, it’s that it comes with a certain amount of obligatory “pudendal neuralgia panic”. Pudendal neuralgia panic is the distressing feeling that arises when you, as a person recently diagnosed with pudendal neuralgia, Google it and read about the sufferings of others with pudendal neuralgia. Suddenly [...]

Pudendal Neuralgia Panic2021-03-08T08:37:29+10:00

Loving Your Body in Vaginismus


It can sometimes feel like hard work feeling happy about your body in vaginismus. Not being able to accommodate your partner’s penis so you can both enjoy intercourse can be frustrating and disappointing.  Attempting sex becomes a chore, and sometimes emotionally traumatic. Feelings of contentment about your body are often nowhere in sight. When [...]

Loving Your Body in Vaginismus2021-03-08T08:37:30+10:00

Endometriosis and toxins – part of your pelvic pain?


Pelvic pain in endometriosis: you might have period pain, pain with sex, pain with bowel motions, or just plain pain with no clear trigger. People don’t understand how bad you can feel. You might go through stages of feeling okay, and being able to do some stuff. And then the pain really hits you [...]

Endometriosis and toxins – part of your pelvic pain?2021-03-08T08:37:30+10:00

Estrogen and your vagina, vulva and bladder


Beyond its critical roles in brain function and heart health, estrogen keeps your vulva and vagina happy. Specifically, it helps vaginal lubrication, vaginal immune health and bladder and urethral health. Low estrogen can contribute to all kinds of genital problems. There are at least five reasons why your doctor might recommend you try using [...]

Estrogen and your vagina, vulva and bladder2021-03-08T08:37:30+10:00


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