Nutrition and Tendinopathy

Worn out and ready for a trade-in…where’s the spare parts bin? That’s how you feel when you’ve got a chronic musculoskeletal issue like tendinopathy. Maybe you’re an over-sixty wishing your body would hold up as strong as your mind. Maybe you’ve just hit forty and living proof of that cliché that the body starts to fall apart at forty. Maybe you’re an exercise enthusiast with Achilles issues yet again…or maybe a mum struggling to look after her baby due to De Quervain’s tenosynovitis. You’re doing your exercises, but it just keeps dragging on. Is there anything else to consider? For example…could DIET affect tendinopathy? 

The concept “could diet affect tendinopathy” is not just wishful thinking. Yes, you can go the extra mile. You can compound the positive effects of a progressive loading exercise program by looking at nutrition for tendinopathy. In fact, diet plays a major role in inflammation in the body. This inflammation and tissue breakdown has the effect of ageing your tendons prematurely, regardless of age! So does diet affect tendinopathy? No doubt.  

Here is a guest blog post I wrote on the question “Does diet affect tendinopathy” which goes further into why and how, and most importantly, what to do!



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