Libido, or sex drive, in women is a very complex issue.

Do you ever feel as though all the stars need to be perfectly aligned for your sex drive to make an appearance? Your experience is that of many women! I’m going to start with a generalisation (keep in mind this is not true for all couples by any means!) In general, a man’s sex drive has the default switch “on”. It can take quite a lot of external factors to switch it off. In contrast, a woman’s sex drive is like a dial. And there is a myriad of things in life that turns down the dial!

Influences on a woman’s sex drive include her physical health and energy, stress levels, hormone levels, psychological factors, relationship factors and nutritional factors. Periods of low libido are normal, and not necessarily a problem. However, if your libido is low on an ongoing basis, it could be a sign that you are not in peak health.

Like your periods, your sex drive can be a good barometer for the overall state of your health and life balance.

If your periods go out of whack and you are not approaching menopause, it can be a sign that something in your health is off-centre, or that your stress levels are too high. Low libido can reflect the same thing.

There is no single solution to low libido, but a nutritional assessment can be of great value. Improving your stress levels and your nutrition can make a difference, and certain herbs can help as well.

Sex drive is a multifaceted thing, and you need a multifaceted solution.

You might like to read up a bit more on libido and find out what books could help. Start with my blog post on What to Do When Your Libido Has Gone AWOL.



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