The joint in the front of the pelvis, where the two pelvic bones come together, is called the pubic symphysis. While normally it is quite a solid, stable kind of a joint, in pregnancy, it is normal for it to loosen a bit. If it loosens too much, or if there is an imbalances side-to-side, you may get pain in this area. This pain reflects pubic symphysis dysfunction – meaning, it’s not working like it should. Pubic symphysis dysfunction usually leads to pain in the area of that joint, and/or in the groin or down one or both legs. This pain is most common when you do something that moves that joint, like put weight on one leg (e.g. walking), or roll over in bed, or lift your foot to put on a sock.

If the joint called the pubic symphysis separates too much, this is called Symphysis Pubis Diastasis (SPD)



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