The pain of a urinary tract infection, or UTI, is something that is hard to describe, but as one woman put it, ‘’peeing razor blades’’ pretty much hits the mark! Bacterial infection of the bladder causes the classic triad of UTI symptoms: frequency (urinating too often, usually small amounts), urgency (feeling that you need to rush to get there) and pain while urinating. Most women do not get through life without having at least one UTI. A one-off UTI needn’t be a big problem: it is usually effectively treated with antibiotics.

Recurrent UTIs is another matter. If you are having more than 3 UTIs per year, or 2 in 6 months, there may be an underlying problem. Structural problems need to be ruled out by a urologist. Recurrent UTIs suggest your general immunity and your bladder mucosal immunity may need improvement, and at Equilibria we have the knowledge and tools to do this. A major cause of recurrent UTIs it not emptying your bladder completely when you go. This may be due to bad habits (e.g. hovering above the toilet instead of sitting on it, or not taking your time), or due to problems with the emptying mechanism (which includes your bladder muscle, urethral muscle, brain and spinal cord), or due to a prolapse. While seeing your doctor is important, once you have done this, at Equilibria, we are expert at helping solve these problems for you.



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