The anatomy of the pelvis and vulva can be confusing.

How are you supposed to know when no one even really talks about it?

I have created this 5-minute video to help. I give you a bit of a tour through the vulva, using a 3-D model of the pelvis to make it all make sense! This might be just what you need if you’re not sure:

  • What the difference between a vulva and a vagina is
  • How far the vagina is from the urethra
  • Where on the vulva the clitoris actually is – or if you think it’s in just one spot
  • What the posterior fourchette is, or why it’s important
  • What exactly the perineal body is, or what it means for your pelvic floor muscles
  • How to describe to your doctor where your problem is

Or, if you just want to check your facts! Hope you find it useful! Was there anything that you learnt?