Lubricate the Tampon Like Crazy

By nature, tampons are not the easiest things to get in the vagina. This is because they are usually made of cotton or a similar material – in order to be absorbent – which creates friction.

So here’s a simple way to make it easier.

Get rid of the friction. Make it slippery.

Remember your childhood Slip’n’Slide in the backyard? Just the hose running on it wasn’t that much fun. The way to really increase the slippery factor was to put detergent on it. But wait! Obviously, don’t do that in this situation!

So how do you make the tampon as slippery as possible?
Easy. Lots and lots of lubricant.

What kind of lubricant?

If you already own some regular water-based lubricant, just use that. This is usually known as “personal lubricant” and comes in brands like Ansell and KY Jelly. Whatever you do, choose one with no fragrance, at the very least.

But for the best, most natural and healthy option, try the Yes organic water-based personal lubricant. This is the only one I sell at my practice, because I think it’s gentle and respectful to a girl’s body. You can purchase it on-line easily.

But most importantly, just put lots on.

Make it really, really slippery. Believe me, this makes a difference.

(By the way, that goes for sex as well. It’s almost impossible to have too much lubricant. Always err on the side of too much lubricant rather than too little. Especially if you are having pain with sex, you feel dry, or you have been told you have vaginismus or vulvodynia).

And don’t forget to RELAX your pelvic floor muscles, which you know how to do from the last post. It might also make it easier to try a tampon with applicator first, as it’s smoother and more friction-free than a non-applicator tampon, and choose your best position.

So there it is: simple but effective. Put lots of lubricant on the tampon. And don’t forget to try at the best time of month – more on this in the next blog post.


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