If you’re like my patients you’re a woman with a million things on her plate…how on earth are you supposed to remember to do your pelvic floors?

I recently blogged about how I don’t like the common advice to do your pelvic floor exercises at traffic lights.

This came at some disappointment to one of my patients!

Quite reasonably, she asked “when am I supposed to do them then?”

I understand the need for something to link your exercises to.

A mental association, a trigger.

A way to actually guarantee they get done.

A way to form the habit.

While we pelvic floor physios wish our patients would have the pelvic floor on the brain all day (as most of us do!), we do realise this can be a big ask!

So yes, I do agree it is a good idea to have a mental trigger that it’s time to do your pelvic floors.

My favourite activity triggers are those in which it is normal and helpful to be activating the pelvic floor.

Favourite Trigger #1: Every time you turn on the tap.

This is because a drop in pressure inside the urethra is normal in everyone when they hear running water. In some people, though, the pressure can drop too low, leading to a feeling of urgency like you need to pee.

Tightening the pelvic floor muscles increases the pressure inside the urethra and can prevent this from happening. Turning on the pelvic floor muscles is a natural action when you hear the sound of running water. So it makes sense to…

“Turn it on when you turn it on!”

Favourite Trigger #2: Every time you stand up.

The pelvic floor muscles should be working every time you move. They work as a team with your other muscles of posture that stabilise your spine. In fact, these muscles should be so smart, they actually start to tighten even before you stand! That’s why my second tip is to…

“Pull up when you stand up!”

When’s your Pelvic Floor Time? Have you got any nifty triggers to share with the rest of us?



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