It’s not often someone gives me the floor for 45 minutes to talk about the web of connections linking adhesions, pain, visceral manipulation, the gut and the nervous system…

Stephen Anderson’s questions were so thought-provoking, I just kept talking!

Here’s the interview: Alyssa Tait on Pelvic Pain, Adhesions, and SIBO

This interview will either be a great cure for insomnia, or a useful insight into how my brain sees this broad and fascinating field.

We traversed the physical, the emotional and even the metaphysical!

We covered all sorts of topics…

…the curious pathway of my career and how it led me to visceral manipulation

…the emotions and your organs

…chronic abdominal and pelvic pain and visceral manipulation

…adhesions, and how they are more than just structural, but neurological as well

…endometriosis and how these adhesions differ from surgical adhesions

…central sensitisation in chronic pain and its links to visceral hypersensitivity in irritable bowel syndrome

….the power of the words “let’s see” in therapy

Have a listen now!

Stephen’s highlights and insights include…

….the power of the nervous system to increase neurological tone as a means of self-protection, and how this might impact the function of the organs

…the importance of engaging in fun, nurturing and nervous-system relaxing activities to take care of ourselves

….the need as practitioners to be careful with our language with our patients and not be “part of the problem”.


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