Injury, trauma and surgery leave their mark. Scars.

It’s inevitable – scars are a normal part of the healing process. Healing needs nutrients. Nutrients for scars.

This goes for all scars, including Caesarean scars or the abdominal scar after a hysterectomy. These are easy to see (which doesn’t always make us happy! Scars that are painful are also obvious – like, for some women, episiotomy scars that make sex more painful.

Movement is an important part of healthy scar healing – you really need to play with your scars! However, an often-neglected factor in healthy tissue and scar healing is nutrients – nutrients for scars.

Why are nutrients relevant in scar healing?

Availability of certain nutrients has an impact on various aspects of healing and scar formation:

  • “Cleaning up” the initial inflammatory process
  • Preventing infection
  • Laying down healthy tissue
  • Manufacturing new blood vessels
  • Increasing the strength and flexibility of the scar

Nutrients for scars: The “Clean-Up” and preventing infection

  • Vitamin A – immune effects for healthy inflammation
  • Vitamin C – acts as an antioxidant to “sweep up debris”; higher doses help counter constipation from pain medications
  • Zinc – deficiency results in poor healing
  • Bromelain – reduces swelling and pain, speeds up resolution of bruising
  • Protein – a deficiency results in prolonged inflammation and delayed healing
  • Glutamine – promotes healthy inflammation

Nutrients for scars: Rebuilding the House

  • Vitamin A and vitamin C – improves collagen production
  • Bromelain – speeds up healing
  • Glucosamine – leads to production of hyaluronic acid to hasten healing
  • Gotu Kola – a herb that increases collagen production

Nutrients for scars: Getting the Plumbing In – Manufacturing new Blood vessels

  • Vitamin C and copper – help produce down blood vessels

Nutrients for scars: Bouncing Back – Strength and flexibility of the scar

  • Vitamin A
  • Zinc – deficiency results in a weaker scar
  • Glucosamine – leads to production of hyaluronic acid for a stronger scar
  • Protein – a deficiency results in a weaker scar
  • Gotu Kola – a herb that improves strength of the scar

I was very aware of all of this when I had surgery for a broken ankle. This was a serious injury with a very decent scar. To cover my bases, I took all of the above nutrients for scars each day in addition to a high protein, high vegetable diet. The body has amazing healing capacity – but it still appreciates a helping hand by having plenty of raw materials on-hand for rebuilding!

If you have had or are planning surgery, and want to really get off on the right foot, contact us at Equilibria for a tailored program of nutrients for scars. Skype appointments available.



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