It’s something every mother-to-be dreads: passing on your own problems.

And allergy is something that definitely gets passed on: asthma, eczema, hayfever and food allergy. If you’ve suffered terribly with any of these, you want to protect your baby from allergy!

Well, there’s good news: the science of epigenetics is revealing more every day about the positive influence we can have on our unborn babies.

Epigenetics is the science of how environmental factors act on genes, and influence whether the genes you pass on to your baby are expressed (‘’acted out’’) or not.

Are you a bit of an ‘’allergy ball’’? New research suggests you can reduce the risk that bub will grow up with the same problems you’ve had. You can do something to protect your baby from allergy

This study showed it was possible to reduce likelihood of eczema by 36%, and egg allergy by 38%.

And how did they do it?

Simple. They gave pregnant mums 800mg DHA and 100mg EPA from week 21 of pregnancy until the baby was born. The babies were assessed at one year of age. (The group who got the placebo tablet did not receive the same benefits for their babies).

So simple – why wouldn’t you do it? It’s so easy to take fish oils during pregnancy.


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