Sometimes, a woman’s pelvic issues can have quite an impact on her family too.

If your partner or daughter suffers from a distressing pelvic issue mentioned on this site, such as vulvodynia, vaginismus or chronic pelvic pain, you may be quite worried about her.

It is very helpful for her to have your support.

You may feel like you need to understand her condition better, or have options of how to help her, or support her with a program of recovery.

We have many partners and mums accompany their loved one to appointments.

If she is happy to have you there, we are very happy for you to come too.

You can accompany her here and come into the treatment room, if she is comfortable with you there. Once she is receiving treatment, it may be possible to organise an appointment for you to come with her to specifically learn treatment techniques to use at home between appointments.

Don’t be shy. We will do our best to make you comfortable and give you ways to support your loved one through her recovery.

If you have a question about whether we can help your loved one, e-mail us.



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