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Referring to us

E-mail us for referral pads to be sent to your practice.

Working with us

Although we are not currently recruiting, we are interested in hearing from you if you think Equilibria would be a great fit for you.

Please e-mail us, or send us a copy of your CV. If you are interested in working with us down the track, we can give you information on what skills and experience we look for.


We offer formal and informal information and education avenues for health professionals.

If you are interested in receiving a quarterly e-newsletter on topics in our expertise, e-mail us and tell us your interest.

If you are interested in being mentored in areas where women’s health, pelvic health, pelvic floor and nutrition may intersect, e-mail us.



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The A to Z of Your Pelvis

Learn all there is to know about pelvic symptoms and conditions