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Chronic Pelvic Pain

Chronic pelvic pain (or CPP) has been called ‘’a headache in the pelvis’’, and with good reason.  Persistent, annoying, even excruciating for some women at times – all qualities experienced by some migraine sufferers. There may be painful sex, a burning vulva, or a knife-like pain in the rectum. Some women trace pain back to their gynaecological surgery.

‘’Chronic’’ refers to the timeframe the pelvic pain is experienced – normally any pain present for longer than 6 months is given the label ‘’chronic’’, as opposed to ‘’acute’’ pain.  However, the most important differentiating factor between chronic and acute pelvic pain is this: in acute pelvic pain, there is a structure that can be identified as the cause or source of the pain. In chronic pelvic pain, the initial cause of the pain (such as infection) has resolved, but the pain continues.

There are an enormous number of factors that contribute to pelvic pain. In order to get the treatment you need, a thorough history needs to be taken, and a comprehensive physical examination needs to take place.

At Equilibria, we are qualified to do this, and we do it in the most gentle way possible.

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