Tampons can be tricky to use. What’s the solution?

I’d like to help you to solve this common problem.

I hear about the problem inserting tampons all the time from my patients in my practice. When tampons won’t go in, no matter how you try, it can be frustrating.

You would be surprised how many women have struggled – and still struggle – with using tampons.

Many of the women I see have long since given up trying to put in a tampon. Some women never tried, because they felt too apprehensive. Many more tried and had a bad experience, so have not kept trying.

But there are ways to make it easier.

So who has problems inserting tampons?

Maybe you’re a fourteen-year-old girl working up the courage to try tampons so you can swim during your period.

Or maybe, like many of my patients, you’re a woman in your twenties, thirties or forties struggling with painful sex. You have never been able to use tampons, but you came to terms with that. You just didn’t go swimming during your period. But years later when you starting have sex you realised there was a bigger problem than not being able to use tampons – not being able to allow your vagina to accept your partner’s penis (or finger). This is sometimes called vaginismus (correctly or incorrectly – and that’s an issue for another blog post).

Painful sex – or not being able to have sex – is often a later problem for women or girls who have trouble using tampons.

So when you have problems with penetration of your partner’s penis, learning to insert tampons can be a helpful first step to a solution.

So, back to the problem at hand: how to make tampons easier to use? I have written a previous blog post on this, which I would like to elaborate on over a number of posts.

This is a ten-part series on how to solve the problem of difficulty inserting tampons.

Each post will focus on a single strategy. Start with the first strategy and see if that solves your problem. If not, incorporate the strategy in the second blog post, the third blog post, and so on. Best of luck!

Read the first tip here.


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