This self-paced eCourse (designed to take approx. 4 weeks) enables pelvic physiotherapists to manipulate the vaginal ecosystem to achieve enhanced clinical outcomes for their patients with complex, chronic vulvovaginal symptoms.

No need to book accommodation or manage the family – you can learn what you need to make an immediate difference to your patients’ clinical outcome from the comfort of your couch (or hanging out the washing or ferrying family members around!)

The essentials you need to know…

  • Permanent access to all recordings and all notes of presentations

You get…

  • Critically appraised research-based research on the vaginal microbiota, evaluation and treatment, synthesised into bite-sized bits
  • Practical tools for immediate use in your clinic
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group – Vaginal Microbiota Physiotherapists
  • Weekly face-to-face contact with Alyssa Tait, who has over ten years’ experience in treating the vaginal microbiome

You’ll transform your practice…

  • Identifying at-risk patients with ease
  • Using easy screening tools that will cost you almost no extra time
  • Having clarity on what probiotics and other interventions will benefit your patients and their vaginas (according to menstrual cycle, sexual practices, preconception, pregnancy, menopausal status, and your toughest clinical conditions)
  • Considering the lubricants you use in clinic and recommend to patients
  • Adding high-value advice on caring for the vaginal microbiota to your patients using pessaries and dilators

Not sure it’s worth your time? Consider this:

You’ll become…

…an even more effective pelvic physiotherapist who adds even more value to your patients, earning even greater trust

…a physiotherapist who feels invigorated about vaginal challenges

…confident in initial case management of chronic vaginal symptoms

…a whole lot less prone to overwhelm when you’re taking the case of a complex pelvic patient (no more “OMG! They’ve got everything and no one can help them!”)