Time to fix the issue once and for all!

I hope you have been following this series about solutions for the problem of being unable to put a tampon in. If not, head straight back to the start to not miss a thing!

I have devoted 9 individual blog posts to different tips to make it easier to put a tampon in, including using a mirror, picking the best position, relaxing your pelvic floor muscles, not being squeamish, using your finger, lubricating the tampon like crazy, picking the best time of your period, considering using a “sex toy” to help, and using vaginal dilators as trainers.

But I’ve kept the best one for last!

(Mainly because if the other tips have worked so far, you won’t need this one – but this is the most sure-fire way to solve the problem if the other tips haven’t worked yet!)

My very best tip on solving the problem of being unable to put a tampon in is this:

Work with an expert.

This may sound strange – even outlandish – but let me explain.

If you just can’t get that reverse park, you would work with a driving instructor, wouldn’t you?

If you can’t get the technique naturally when learning butterfly, you would ask for the expertise of a swimming teacher, wouldn’t you?

The problem is, as young girls and women, we often don’t have an obvious “expert” on women’s issues at our fingertips. We might be too embarrassed to ask our friends, assuming they can all do it already. We might be too intimidated to ask the doctor. This goes for whether the problem is putting in a tampon or successfully having sex with penetration – getting a penis in the vagina.

Well, great news.

There are experts out there – they are called pelvic floor physiotherapists.

We not only understand the anatomy of the area in detail, but we have the experience to help you overcome these problems that other health professionals may lack. Best of all, we are a pretty nice bunch of people! (I’m not just saying this. Most pelvic floor physiotherapists move into this field because of a great compassion for women with these troubles. Many women’s health physios even have first-hand experience with all sorts of women’s troubles. While we won’t spill the beans on that, it does give us a lot of understanding and you will find that we put you at ease.)

So don’t be nervous! Find a pelvic floor physiotherapist to help you with this. Helping women successfully put tampons in is part of our job description. Wherever you live, you can ring your national physiotherapy organisation and ask how to find a pelvic floor physiotherapist with the training and experience to help you.

If you are in or near (or can get to) Brisbane, Australia, I would be more than happy to help you overcome this problem and put it behind you so it stops interfering with your life!



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